Free Health Camp at Sarlahi

The Cerebral Palsy Clinic and Care Center (CP Clinic Nepal), in partnership with the Rotary Club of Patan Durbar Square, organized a successful two-day free health camp. The event, called “Sewa ma Samarpit 3rd Phase – A Comprehensive Screening Camp for Cerebral Palsy and Related Neurological Disorders,” took place at Laxmipur Health-Post, Laxmipur, Ward-6 on January 20th and 21st, 2024. This camp was supported by Haripur Nagarpalika and Karmacharya Arcade.

Mayor Mr. Gopal Paniyar, Deputy Mayor Ms. Nikam Raya Yadav, and Ward Chairperson Mr. Prem Hari Shrestha welcomed the event. The camp was led by Dr. Pragya Karmacharya Rajbhandari, who worked with a team to provide quality treatment to children in need. The team from CP Clinic Nepal included Physiotherapist Anuja Karki and EEG Technician Abha Dhungana.

Rtn. Niraj Bhakta Mathema, Spouse Anjana K.C, and Rtn. Manoj Maharjan from the Rotary Club of Patan Durbar Square also participated. The Laxmipur Health Post staff managed the dispensary.

A total of 124 children received pediatric consultations during the camp. Half of the children had neurological disorders, while the other half were treated for seizure disorders, common colds, infections, and ear problems. Nine children received EEG tests for seizure management, and many benefited from physiotherapy.

Dr. Pragya Karmacharya Rajbhandari also provided information sessions on cerebral palsy for social workers and the local community, emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.

The camp ended with a meeting involving the Mayor, Ward Chairperson, and other community leaders. They discussed ways to raise awareness about cerebral palsy and considered opening a daycare center for children with cerebral palsy in Haripur Nagarpalika. Both CP Clinic Nepal and Haripur Nagarpalika expressed their commitment to working together to support children with cerebral palsy.

This successful health camp marked an important step in providing essential healthcare services and raising awareness about neurological disorders in the community.

Few snaps from the camp